Miracles Do Happen

  I really wanted to share this picture with you, as it is dear to my heart.  
  This infant was only 4 days old in this picture and hadn't slept since birth for more than a few moments at a time.  The family called me and asked if I thought A.R.T could help.  
  Although I was a little nervous at first, I could really feel the tension in this little babies body and I wanted to help.  I applied a very gentle touch, and within a few moments I could see the tension pattern releasing through the entire body of the little infant.  
  This was a truly miraculous experience, and I was so grateful that they entrusted me with their newborn.  Not all experiences are as overwhelmingly emotional as this one was.  
  However, I am confident that if you have any tension patterns that are causing discomfort in your body that I can help!

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Alan Whitsett came to the  bodywork profession as a result of his own efforts to deal with the aches and pains of an athletic lifestyle. The cumulative effects of years of hits, falls, sprains and strains began to take their toll thus limiting his ability to play.  He had studied the muscular/skeletal system in college and had a basic understanding of anatomy and the physiology of movement so when participating as a United States Cycling Federation team member it was only natural for him to apply that knowledge. He began to work on his own muscles after training and competing to ease the tissues and eliminate the build up of toxins. Pretty soon his teammates were lining up for his “treatments” and he recognized that he was on to something.

He began to study various forms of bodywork and graduated from the Central Coast School of Massage in 1998.  After several years of practicing massage he became certified as an Active Release Technique provider and Egoscue Posture Assessment Specialist in 2002. While practicing on the central coast of California he had the opportunity to work with bodybuilders, surfers, cyclists, tennis players, runners, swimmers, professional baseball players and football players at all levels. He has also worked with professional musicians, senior citizens, and even a four day old baby. Alan has developed innovative techniques for evaluating posture and skeletal misalignment to aid in determining a proper treatment program.

Alan has recently relocated to Los Gatos, Ca. and established a practice in the office of Dr Greg Barsten. This association provides a comprehensive healthcare opportunity which will allow clients to attain optimum health and vitality.
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